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Enter Information

Please fill out all of the information below to submit your application.
  • Plagiarizing another person’s channel or videos may result in disqualification or rescission due to our terms of use violation.


You must meet the following requirements to be eligible to become a SP Partner.

  • Must be a creator with a streaming/VOD (ex. YouTube) channel

  • Must have at least 5,000 subscribers or followers on your streaming/VOD channel

  • Must be 18 or older

  • Must be able to adhere to SP Partner activity requirements

  • Your channel and content uploads will undergo a general inspection and your SP Partner application will undergo a review process. Please be aware that you may not be selected to be a SP Partner despite meeting the requirements.

  • Your application may be discarded without prior notice if your application is not complete or does not meet the requirements.

  • Plagiarizing another person’s channel or videos may result in disqualification or rescission due to our terms of use violation.

  • You may not transfer your SP Partner title to another person and being found of having violated the terms of use or legal standards may result in the recission of your SP Partner status.

  • Any applications using invalid methods of applying will be discarded and may be exempt from applying in the future.

  • Being reported and restricted for use of inappropriate language or disruptive behavior may negatively impact your application.

Privacy Policy

Agree to the collection and use of personal information

Wonder People Co., Ltd. collects and uses personal information for the following purposes.

  • Purpose of collection and use: To select content creator partners and to deliver notices regarding the partner program

  • Information Collected: Email address, Steam ID, and Discord ID

  • Period of Retention and Use: Destroyed within 1 year after the program

Game records and information submitted through events can be stored up to 1 year after the information is sent.

Handling of personal information

Wonder People Co., Ltd. entrusts personal information to the organizations listed below.

  • Partner Companies: DDB Korea Inc., Stibee Inc., and Andwise Inc.

  • Purpose of Partnership: To send out Emails, Texts (SMS), and ads containing news and information about Super People

You have the option to not agree to these terms, but you will be unable to apply for partnership if you do so.

Terms of Service
Privacy Policy
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