Recruiting Super People Global CBT Testers
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Recruiting Super People Global CBT Testers

Monday, October 25, 2021 5:09 AM

Greetings! We are Super Soldier Battle Royale, Super People. 

The long-awaited Super People Global Close Beta Test (CBT) will soon begin.

First and foremost, we would like to express our gratitude for being able to prepare for the global CBT following love and support during the Alpha Test. 

We are honored to have Super Soldiers participate in the Super People Global CBT.

We have improved and revised the game in response to the recent Alpha Test and high-quality feedback,

and we would like to move forward with the global CBT using the build that we developed so far.

The test will be carried out on the Steam platform to reach users all around the world.

We expect this is will be a good opportunity to allow more Super Soldiers to join in on the test.

Please check the information below for a more details on the CBT.  

You must create a new GeeGee account and link it with your Steam account to apply for the Global CBT.

 For those who already have a GeeGee account, you will also have to create a new GeeGee account through Steam.

Former Alpha Test participants should apply for the Global CBT using the same mobile phone number.

1) Global CBT Application Period

- 2021/10/27 ~ TBA (PST)

- 2021/10/28 ~ TBA (KST)

2) Global CBT Participant Announcement

first announcement : 

 - 2021/12/1 24:00 (PST)

 - 2021/12/2 17:00 (KST)

Second announcement : To be announced later

3) Global CBT Schedule

- 2021/12/07 ~ TBA

4) How to Apply for Global CBT

For Alpha Test Super Soldiers


For First-time Super Soldiers

- Please follow the steps below if you have not participated in the Alpha Test, but still have a GeeGee Account.


5) Before Applying for CBT

① Super People Global CBT is only available for members 18 and up.

② You must have a Steam Account to apply for the CBT.

③ Regardless of having a GeeGee Account, you must create a new account linked to your Steam ID.

④ Creating a GeeGee Account using the same mobile number used for the Alpha Test will provide you with a chance to participate in the global CBT.

Creating a new account with the same number will give you the Alpha Tester Notification Pop-up.

⑤ Alpha Testers must also submit their application for the Global CBT to receive the participation code.

⑥ The detailed schedule and duration of the CBT will be announced on our website (dates may change depending on circumstances).

⑦ CBT testers will be announced and revealed on our website on the date of the announcement.

⑧ Test applications may be canceled if the test application form is incomplete, miswritten, or the survey is not completed properly.

⑨ Testers will be contacted individually by phone or email that they have provided during the application.

⑩ You may be disqualified from the CBT if we discover that you have used abnormal methods to apply.

⑪ The email address provided when applying for the CBT is not a login account for the GeeGee website.

⑫ To delete your account or withdraw from being a tester, please contact the GeeGee Customer Service Center.

⑬ Any inquiries regarding Steam Accounts (ID, Password, etc.) should be sent to Steam’s Customer Service Center.

Thank you for participating in Super People’s Global CBT.

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