A new way to participate Global CBT!
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A new way to participate Global CBT!

Monday, October 25, 2021 5:09 AM

Greetings soldiers.

We’ve made a few changes to the Global CBT registration process, in address to higher player demand and CBT registrations.

Players are now able to register for the Global CBT directly through the SUPER PEOPLE steam store page.

By simplifying the process, we aim for players to spend less time registering, and more time enjoying our game.

The following instructions will detail our new, simplified Global CBT registration process. 

(Also note that selected Global CBT testers prior to these changes can still register with their steam keys.)

■ Global CBT Schedule

2021/12/07 ~ 2021/12/26 24:00 (PST)

■ Registration for the Global CBT

1) Search “SUPER PEOPLE” on the Steam Store.

2) Click the “Request Access” button

3) Check if “SUPER PEOPLE CBT” is added to your Steam Library

4) Access “SUPER PEOPLE CBT” through your Steam Library and download the game

5) Sign up through the GeeGee client and verify your cell phone (mobile) number.

6) Lauch SUPER PEOPEL by clicking on the “Play” button

■ Please note

- Players who currently hold Global CBT Steam Keys may still use them to participate in the Global CBT.

- This new registration process may be subject to change, and the “Request Access” button may become unavailable. We will keep you updated on future changes through further notices.

Register now and participate in SUPER PEOPLE’s Global CBT.

We’ll see you in Orbisland, soldier.

- The SUPER PEOPLE team.

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