CBT Perks for Alpha Testers!
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CBT Perks for Alpha Testers!

Friday, October 15, 2021 5:42 AM

We have prepared special perks for testers who previously participated in the Super People Alpha Test.


Thanks to the Super Soldiers that joined, we were able to examine the playability and stability of the game during the Alpha Test,

and now we’re about to begin the Global CBT soon. We really appreciate your help!

To show our gratitude, we have prepared the following perks.

Please refer to the details listed below for more information.

1) CBT Perks for Alpha Testers

① Chance to participate in the Global CBT

- All testers who participated during the Alpha Test are guaranteed a spot in the Global CBT.

② Exclusive outfits for Alpha Testers

- Alpha testers will also receive an exclusive outfit if they log in during the Global CBT period.

- Delivery time of exclusive outfits may differ based on when you create the character during the CBT period.


2) Disclaimer on Perks

① Please note that Alpha Testers need to actually apply for the Global CBT in order to be guaranteed a spot. [Apply for the Global CBT]

② Since the Global CBT is only available via Steam, only GeeGee accounts created via Steam will be allowed to participate.

Please create a new GeeGee account after logging in through Steam before you apply for the Global CBT.

③ Please make sure to enter the same mobile phone number as the one you used during the Alpha Test sign-up.

Perks will only be available on accounts with the same phone number.

④ If your phone number has changed since the Alpha Test and cannot apply using the method above, please refer to the [FAQ].

⑤ Perks will only be applied to testers who logged play records during the Alpha Test (including those who joined via invite).

If you signed up for the Alpha Test but did not play any matches, or if you violated the game’s policies, you will not receive perks.

Thanks again to all who have participated!

We look forward to seeing you during the Global CBT as well.


All the best,

Super People Team.

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